Courtney Dutra

My work is strongly rooted in observation.  In the beginning of my painting career I worked almost exclusively from direct observation and replication of the people and places around me.  Since 2010 I have never lived in one place longer than a year. Accompanying this transient lifestyle came a powerful sense of urgency. A need to absorb, capture, and decipher the ever changing people and places around me. 
As a yoga teacher, my teaching and studies of yoga philosophy continually inspire my painting practice. As I dove deeper into yoga philosophy, my focus on external observation began to shift to the internal. I retain my desire to observe, but now attempting to capture my subjects' personalities and habits; in search of their true essence. When the physical body or structure is stripped away what is the remainder. What is it that fills my closet with, black and gray when my sister only wears bright colors? The contrast is striking and fascinating. I work with a revolving door of students and teachers who inspire and challenge me daily.  I observe the way they move, their habits and choices. This desire to understand and analyze could fuel me forever.



Storrow Drive



On Driving






C I Can Sew


In Process


©2020 by Courtney Dutra. Photography by Charlie Bischof